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Charlie Villanueva #BelieveInCharlie
August 19

Crossroads Webisode Week #7: Progress Takes Patience

This waiting period is becoming old to me right about now lol, but the great Benjamin Franklin once said "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." So patience is what I'll continue. Spending time with my family, doing what I love, and staying in the gym is how I'll define my patience.

And by the way, I just had to do the #IceBucketChallenge. It's only right and for a great cause. Please continue the support. For more information: 

Charlie Villanueva
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Charlie Villanueva
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August 18

What A Life


I have a close friend who always says "what a life".  It is almost his mantra.  I keep asking him what it means and he doesn't really give me a real answer but I think it means life is good and that we should count our blessings.  So I am with that...

A big blessing in my life is little man, CJ.  He always makes me smile and this weekend we hit leggoland up.  CJ, I love you kid and you are my legacy... 

Speaking of legacy, want to reiterate that a big part of why I am working hard and looking at this free agency Summer as a pivotal point in my career is because I want to change my basketball / NBA legacy.  Playing professional basketball, the only job I ever wanted, is eventually going to go away one day so it is up to me to help reshape my legacy.  So, and I have said this before, I have been really vocal with my agent that being a part of a playoff contending team is really important.  So my agent and I are now working those dates out...

I wish I could tell you specifics about the teams and the dates of the workouts but right now need to keep that information close to the vest.  Part of it is because I am superstitious, don't want to jinx anything, and the other part of it is that I want to let my agent do his thing...

So it is now August 18th and I truthfully thought I would be signed by now but it looks like this free agency is going to go into September.  I may be one of the last veteran free agent signings.  It doesn't bother me at is what it is.  I have to keep grinding, keep working hard, and know there is a bigger plan that will work out.  I will say, and I can say this with confidence, that I will be on an NBA roster and cannot wait to change that legacy...

What a life,

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie 
August 12

Crossroads Webisode Week #6: Never Forgotten [ VIDEO ]

So the latest and greatest webisode of "Crossroads" is now available. 

"Never Forgotten" pays homage to my UCONN days and the lifetime bonds I made. I play in a charity game my Coach, Jim Calhoun, hosts every other year at Mohegan Sun.  As most of you already know, in 2004, we took home the national championship and it is one of my greatest accomplishments, as a basketball player.  We will forever be one can ever take that away from us.  And that is a big part of where I am at in this crossroads.  I have won at every level.  I won every possible title in college:  regular season Big East Champions, the Big East tournament and the national championship.  I have, unfortunately, not even experienced the playoffs in the NBA.  That has to change.  I have to be part of that change and that is what I am striving for and is a big reason my off-season workouts have been so in-depth.  I know I have work to do. 

That being said, I am still working out my free agency status and workout schedule with my agent.  The only thing I can say for certain is that playing overseas is not even on the table (NBA teams are definitely interested), I will have to workout for a few teams (right now we have 3 committed to working me out), my agent is working to continue to get me out there (we had a nice conversation last night), and that the ultimate goal is to be on a playoff contending team.  I am certain the NBA junkies who know the ins and outs of the salary cap and who follow free agency can make some educated guesses on what teams are interested...

Someone asked me how "Crossroads" is going and honestly it has been an adventure.  I really wanted to show the fans a different side to free agency and what a vet might go through to get a job.  But more importantly this is a journey that runs past free agency.  I feel honored when I hear back from people...the good and the bad and even more honored that my peers are paying close attention (Ben Gordon told me he watches every Tuesday when we launch).  So enjoy, and keep commenting at me because I appreciate the responses...we are trying to do something ORGANIC!

#3 (at UCONN),

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie

August 12

Websiode First Cut

So I saw the first cut of Webisode 6 and it looks great.  Again big shout out to Tivity Social (my brothers Rob & Rob).  This entire series is being shot on smartphones, on the run, by my inner circle and we are controlling the message.  We are getting great reviews but like everything in life we can get better so feel free to comment so we can continue to tell a good story.  Stay tuned, 7:30pm EST ON THE DOT...Webisode 6!

Hasta luego,

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie

August 11


The definition of perseverance is "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success."  So I am persevering...I obviously haven't signed a contract yet and you the fans/readers will be the first to know.  Well, I guess I will be the first to know but you know what I mean. 

Anyway, tomorrow is the launch of Webisode #6 and it took me back to my college days.  Had a good time with my people from CT...reminiscing about the college days, hanging with the fellas, catching up with coach.  Like I have said before, I have made lifetime friendships at UCONN.  Make sure to catch the show tomorrow at 7:30pm EST...we are committed to 8 webisodes but we may extend depending on when I sign.  Drama...

As far as free agency is concerned, the update is that I am working out my schedule now with my agent.  It could be the end of August, it could be in September.  I will be honest, the process has been longer than I expected and is weighing on me in that I am the type of person that wants to take care of things right away.  What I mean by that is that it eases my mind when I know what is next...the waiting, the unknown definitely weighs on me.  Anyway, all I can say for sure is that I will be working out for at least 3 teams and that number could increase.  Things in the NBA change so quickly.  Working on the details right now...and promise an update once I hear more. 

Stay in touch, stay in tune, watch the show tomorrow, comment, hit me...

Believe...God has a plan.

Always thankful, 

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie

PS. Want to give a shoutout to my cousin Bryant and my brothers Rob E & Rob C....I need and appreciate all you have done for "Crossroads".  

August 9


What's up my people,

Got back from a great weekend in Connecticut as I played in the Jim Calhoun Charity Classic.  Good to see my old teammates, UCONN basketball brothers (guys I never played with), and glad to be a part of a great cause.  We lost at the buzzer as Khalid El-Amin hit yet another big shot.  I had 24 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocks (got you twice, Kemba) in a loss... 

I have to say one of the best things I ever did in my basketball life was going to UCONN (and it almost didn't happen twice...will save those stories for another time or the biography).  I cannot say enough about how Coach Calhoun has built a program that preaches and practices the importance of family.  10 years after we won the National Championship we still get together every 2 years for his charity event but even more so we still stay together.  I can go a long time not speaking to BG (Ben Gordon) or Rashard Anderson and as soon as I see them it is like nothing has changed.  And Rudy Gay is my suitemate for life (good luck with the USA team brother)!  Going to college you have an opportunity to form some great, forever lasting friendships and I am proud to say I have those with the fellas I won the title with and beyond.  

Going back to CT is always a humbling experience because the fans' passion for us is genuine.  Think about it...UCONN basketball, men's and women's are the pro team in CT. Growing up, my dream was to play in the NBA.  And I have accomplished that, know there is more to prove and I am truly living in the moment.  BUT there is nothing like playing for a collegiate program with as much history as UCONN.  I truly feel blessed to have that experience.  It has made me into a better player and more importantly person.  

So shout out to Coach Calhoun for building a program that wins (not 3, but 4 titles!) but also is a family.  Check out the photo gallery from a weekend reminiscing...

Husky forever,

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie

PS. Webisode #6 launches on Tuesday.  No real progress on the free agent front, as it has been a slow week for most NBA teams but stay tuned...

August 8

Husky Pride

What's up amigos,

Hope everyone enjoyed Webisode #5.  I wish I could provide more insight to my free agency status, because that was one of the goals of "Crossroads"...really put the fans in the room.  But the truth is that there really isn't a hard update.  I have workouts coming up with both Western and Eastern Conference teams but the dates have NOT been confirmed.  Working with my agent on that schedule (hint: you might see that in Webisode #6). 

In the meantime, I will be playing in the Jim Calhoun Celebrity All-Star Classic at Mohegan Sun today (check out:  If you are in the area, come's for a great cause...proceeds go to the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center at UCONN Health. If you there, come say hi to me and I bet I take a picture with ya!

Will always encourage you to comment and tweet....more to come. 



Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie 

#believeincharlie #creoencharlie 

#believeincharlie #creoencharlie 

August 5

Crossroads Webisode Week #5: Supporting Cast [ VIDEO ]

So Webisode #5 of the highly acclaimed "Crossroads" is ready for your viewing pleasure.  This week I show some love to the people that have always gotten my supporting cast.  Lots and lots of love to my people...mi familia.  I couldn't do any of this without them and wouldn't be where I am without them.  And throughout this whole process, free agency and documenting this journey, they have gotten my back and make "Crossroads" possible.  Big shout out to my family, my agency Excel Sports, Tivity Social for their production (remember, everything is being shot on smartphones), Sportsblog of course, the team at WeVideo, Wilson basketball, Chawla Sports, and Samsung for providing the phones.  

I know we are halfway through "Season 1" (hopefully we can expand this series), but wanted to reiterate why I am doing this.  The definition of "crossroads" is a point in which a crucial decision MUST be made that will have far reaching consequences.  I couldn't define my life, RIGHT NOW, any better.  It starts with free agency but it is much deeper than that.  I am turning 30 in a few weeks (go Leo lol), have been in the League for 9 years and have a lot of basketball and a lot more to prove.  At my CROSSROADS, I am ready to make the crucial decision to take my play to another level.  So at the end of the day, I did this to show fans what a guy goes through in free agency but to also show that we, as players/athletes/celebrities, are real people with everyday concerns.  Like I said in Webisode #4, "The Waiting Game", it's like going on a job interview and waiting for that call.  I am waiting for that call...

I'm definitely going to start to post more because I hope you, as the fans/readers, enjoy it. It isn't about me, necessarily, but about the process, about being at a crossroads, and choosing with positive movements to make a great decision that will have far reaching POSITIVE consequences.  

Enjoy, comment, tweet at me, keep watching...

And I would be remiss to not mention, my NBA brother, Paul George.  I pray and hope for a speedy recovery to PG.  He is a great basketball player, competitor and person and I BELIEVE he will come back stronger.  

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie

July 29

Crossroads Webisode Week #4: Waiting Game [ VIDEO ]

It has been said, "Patience is a virtue." When we learn to accept what is, and embrace life in each present moment, our impatience often falls away. The fight continues and the work doesn't stop. This past week was a long week. Got the chance to go back to Detroit, Michigan, which I still call my home, behind NYC of course. Despite the circumstances, I have a lot of love for Detroit. One of the main reasons I travel back to Michigan is because of my boxing trainer Al at Shut Up & Box in Royal Oak. He has taken my performance to another level and that's worth coming back for. Also, spent some good time with my man Darrick Martin at St. John University (Queens, NY).

At this point, I feel like no part of me wants to stop grinding. I need to stay active, stay prepared. My workouts are what keeps me grounded. This waiting game can get me a little anxious, but I have no worries. God has a plan. I just need to stay ready. I hope you enjoy this week's Webisode #4 "Waiting Game."

Big shouts to my guy Gerald Brown and the rest of the crew at The Bottom Line Sports Show (Sirius XM NBA Radio Channel 217). I had a blast talking to those guys during the live radio interview.

By the way guys, this Nico & Vinz track "Am I Wrong".... that's my jam, love that song!


Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie
July 22

Crossroads Webisode Week #3: Home [ VIDEO ]

Another week passes by.... week #3. I was happy to be back home in New York City. Spent some good quality time with my familia. Shouts to my little cousin Bryant who I take under my wing. He's a good kid, helps me out a lot. Got a chance to catch a Pro-Am game at Baruch College. For those of you that may not know, Pro-Am is a Summer League that takes place in NYC annually. It's where the best of the best get together and compete during the off-season. You'll always catch active and former NBA guys there, plus legit overseas experienced players. It's sponsored by Nike and I think now it's actually called the Nike Pro City League. I've had my share of runs there before. Always great to come back and reconnect.

One would think my patience would have gotten the best of me during this point in time, but I'm keeping myself poised and dedicated to the gym. I'm going to continue to fight. I feel like I have something to prove, not to the fans, but to myself, and the love that I have for this game. Timing is everything and everything happens for a reason. Hope you enjoy this week's Webisode.

Always thankful,

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie 

PS. Shouts my now nutritionist Lisa Goldberg, looking forward in working with you. I'm ready!

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