Voltron: The Defender of the Universe

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We are twelve games in the season and I can tell you right now that this is going to be a long NBA season. I have said this from the moment I landed in Dallas...this team was built to win from start to finish. You can tell everyone, from the top down, has high expectations and the work ethic from the team reflects that. We have had some interesting moments already in a very young NBA season, and we are built to win, filled with vets BUT it takes time to really come together and grow as one.

For me, I have to stay patient. I know there are a lot of new guys, a lot of new faces, and I am the newest of everyone because I wasn’t in the organization’s original plans. One of the assistant coaches told me to stay patient because they are still trying to figure out how to use me. They view me as a weapon, but trying to mix me in is still a work-in-progress. It is my job to stay ready and help this team win anyway possible. It is almost like I am a college walk on with this team. Actually, I am the walk on with this team. Thats crazy when you think about it....

Despite how new a lot of the guys are, we do have great chemistry...we are working on our team synergy. The definition of synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.....I had to Google that one up lol, but this reminded me of  "Voltron" the cartoon TV series from back in the days. You guys remember Voltron? In this team, we have to come together...TO FORM VOLTRON ;)

"Ready To Form Voltron! Activate Interlock! Dynatherms Connected! Infracells Up! Megathrusters Are Go! Let's Go Voltron Force! Form feet and legs. Form arms and torso. And, I'll form the head!"

The 5 lions form into Voltron...

Stay connected,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

Life and Stuff

I mentioned a few posts ago that a lot has been going on off the court for me and I figured now was the time to write a little about it….

Life is crazy. Life is a roller coaster. Life is filled with highs and lows...peaks and valleys. You have to endure. I have a very blessed life, but I think people don’t realize that we are all human beings. We all, whether in the NBA or not, go through Life's ups and downs…

So my grandmother passed away....mi abuelita. My mother’s mother. This past end of September, all of my cousins, on that side of the family, went down to the Dominican Republic to say our goodbyes. And the crazy part was that she fought for weeks when doctors gave her days to live. She was a fighter. She was a very strong woman who was the only person in our family who could bring us all together. I have a picture of all of us cousins taking her to hospital in Cabrera (D.R.) and I will always cherish that moment because she meant so much to all of us.

She was so giving that even on her death-bed she said she wished she could take some money so she could help the poor in the Dominican Republic. Even on her death-bed she was thinking of others. "Te amo y te extrano. Te prometo que siempre cuidader a su hija."

So that was part of the tough times in life…

And recently, and I know it has been reported, I got engaged to the love of my life: my wifey, Michelle Game. I have never been so focused, so clear about what I want out of my life and she is it for me. She is beautiful, smart, savvy, successful, a wonderful mother and makes me laugh and smile so effortlessly. I honestly have never felt this way before. She is FROM Dallas, out of all places lol, so that makes this, the engagement, my job with the Mavs, mean so much to me. I am so happy to spend the rest of my life with you, Michelle. It is about us…

And it’s life, right? And a big part of my life is basketball. We won our home opener pretty nicely. The ball movement is unreal especially for a team full of guys who really haven’t played together. The chemistry between Jameer Nelson and Tyson Chandler is developing...they got the alley-oop game working. Devin Harris balled out. Monta is a basketball savant. J.J. Barea was a great addition…it is good to have another Hispanic brother on the team. There isn’t anything that CP (Chandler Parsons) can’t do and it is a pleasure to watch Dirk work. His footwork and jumper are flawless…I am already learning so much from him. And we won last night against the Pelicans…we got ballers…we are deep.

That being said, I came here to win and contribute. I am staying ready, staying sharp, so as soon as the coaches figure out how to use me, we will be even deeper and that much more dangerous. It feels right to be here…good things brewing in Big D.

Happy Sunday,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

Happy New Year

Every religion has their own New Year. Basketball is my religion and I am blindly devoted. So…Happy New Year.

The New NBA Season is upon us and I am so hyped. We get the first crack at the champions, San Antonio Spurs, on national television (8:00 PM ET on TNT). They are having their ring ceremony and already, on Game 1, there is this sense that this is a huge game. How crazy is that? Game 1…and we are all amped up to play. Instate rivals, banner night. Throw that ball up in the air already…

Anyway, I had a great players only dinner with my new brothers last night at Morton’s Steakhouse (pic above). I had a filet (no tilapia for me).

I would keep providing you with inside info, but gotta keep this short for now. It’s game day baby!

Happy New Year,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

Against The Odds

It’s been a long time...I shouldn’t have left you...

I haven’t posted in a long time...my bad. A big part of it is because there has been a lot going on both on and off the basketball court. So it is all over the Internet and it is official...I am a Dallas Maverick. I want to start off by showing my appreciation...

Thank You Shouts

• God: I knew God had a plan for me and I am happy about the way things worked out. I'm so thankful.

• Mi Familia: Everyone was really supportive about my dream. This is my dream and my family knows that about me...the dream is still very much alive. And it takes team work to make the dream work!

• My lady Michelle Game: You are my rock. Thank you for always having my back.

• Mark Cuban, Donn Nelson, and Coach Rick Carlisle: Thank you for giving me a chance. I won't disappoint.

• My agent Jeff Schwartz and the team at Excel Sports: You were right Jeff...I was in a fight for my life.

• My left and right hand, my brothers Rob Elia & Rob Carlos: Thanks for always having my back. I miss you guys.

• A mentor of mine, Nate Blue: Thanks for always believing and supporting in me. You saw my talent at a young age and always believed in me.

• Chawlaaaa: Thank you for your pep talks.

So here I am in Dallas, the regular season is around the corner and I am so hyped about it. I have to get a place to live, I am tired of room service, and I am ready to get this part of my career underway. I haven’t been this excited about basketball in a really long time.

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This was truly a challenging process. I was talking to my boy, RJ (Richard Jefferson), and he really put making the team into perspective. This was a hard thing to do. I never wavered with confidence but if you really think about it, this was challenging. The team was set...they had 15 guaranteed contracts before I even met with Coach Carlisle the very first time. I had to beat out guys who Cuban already committed to. And Cubes and Co. have always told me that this is a team that would not worry about money...that they would sign the best players for the team to contend for a championship. I didn’t take a dollar to join this team at training camp. I had to come to Dallas and EARN my spot. A workout turned into a camp invite, which turned out to making the team, which could turn into anything. Imagine if I am part of a process to win a title? How crazy of a story will that be? And to be really truthful, most of the time, I didn’t know where I stood. I had a lot of good moments during this process, but I also had moments where I was clueless on my standing.

This has been a totally different experience for me. Obviously, I was picked in the Top 10 NBA Draft, had a great rookie season, made some good waves at Milwaukee and then went to Detroit with a ton of promise. We know how that story ended...it didn’t work out. BUT I never had to be a part of an experience where every single day, every single play, every single shot, every single moment...I was fighting for my life. Fighting for my dream...and little by little, my dream was becoming a reality.

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. And trust me life is interesting. Always believe in yourself. Always believe in your dream. Always have the courage to confront your dream.

So “Act 1” is over. I am a Maverick. Now “Act 2” is to help this team win. Stay connected, keep watching. #MavsNation

So so so thankful,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

The Highs, The Lows

Dirk Nowitzki and Charlie Villanueva finish with 16 points apiece to help lift the Mavericks over the Pacers in the preseason.
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The NBA and life in general is a series of roller coaster rides. There are a lot of ups and downs...the highs and the lows. If you followed 'Crossroads' (online reality-based webisode show covering my free agency), I felt like free agency was ONE big roller coaster. One minute I was hyped about a meeting or a workout and the next minute I was worried because I didn’t know what would happen next.

My first 3 preseason games with the Mavs felt just like a roller coaster. I played “OK” the first game but definitely could have done better. I wasn't great in the second game and didn’t play until the 4th quarter in the third game and honestly I felt much more comfortable in that game. Shot the ball well and really tried to go after those rebounds. I am really tuned into Coach Carlisle because he is pushing me to be a better player. One of those areas I need to improve on is rebounding...so I made a conscious push to go after the ball.

The bigger point is that it is important to realize that these highs and lows are a part of the NBA...they are a part of life. I gotta roll with the punches and figure out ways to keep fighting, to keep grinding. My agent told me that this is a fight for my life and he’s dead right. I'M HUNGRY!!!

So I kept my focus in that 3rd game. I didn’t play a minute in those first three quarters and on the real I might have tuned out if this was Detroit. I didn’t tune out, I can't, I always gotta stay ready. There is a different energy about this team and quite frankly I am different as a person and as a professional. Since the immediate move, I arrived and got a good vibe for Dallas. It truly feels like home. Everyone here complements each other (on and off the court) and for the first time in a long time I am really excited about basketball again.

I think it has been well documented that the two teams that had the most interest in me (and that I had the most interest) were the LA Clippers and the Dallas Mavs. My meetings and workouts with Coach Doc and his staff were first class. That being said, there was something about Dallas that simply felt right. I can’t really explain it...

Anyway, I am going to keep riding this roller coaster until the end...and then probably get back on because life is a roller coaster...you can’t quit, but it's important to enjoy the ride. Gotta believe...things happen for a reason. Always evolving... #believeincharlie.

Thankful and grateful,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie