The Highs, The Lows

Dirk Nowitzki and Charlie Villanueva finish with 16 points apiece to help lift the Mavericks over the Pacers in the preseason.
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The NBA and life in general is a series of roller coaster rides. There are a lot of ups and downs...the highs and the lows. If you followed 'Crossroads' (online reality-based webisode show covering my free agency), I felt like free agency was ONE big roller coaster. One minute I was hyped about a meeting or a workout and the next minute I was worried because I didn’t know what would happen next.

My first 3 preseason games with the Mavs felt just like a roller coaster. I played “OK” the first game but definitely could have done better. I wasn't great in the second game and didn’t play until the 4th quarter in the third game and honestly I felt much more comfortable in that game. Shot the ball well and really tried to go after those rebounds. I am really tuned into Coach Carlisle because he is pushing me to be a better player. One of those areas I need to improve on is I made a conscious push to go after the ball.

The bigger point is that it is important to realize that these highs and lows are a part of the NBA...they are a part of life. I gotta roll with the punches and figure out ways to keep fighting, to keep grinding. My agent told me that this is a fight for my life and he’s dead right. I'M HUNGRY!!!

So I kept my focus in that 3rd game. I didn’t play a minute in those first three quarters and on the real I might have tuned out if this was Detroit. I didn’t tune out, I can't, I always gotta stay ready. There is a different energy about this team and quite frankly I am different as a person and as a professional. Since the immediate move, I arrived and got a good vibe for Dallas. It truly feels like home. Everyone here complements each other (on and off the court) and for the first time in a long time I am really excited about basketball again.

I think it has been well documented that the two teams that had the most interest in me (and that I had the most interest) were the LA Clippers and the Dallas Mavs. My meetings and workouts with Coach Doc and his staff were first class. That being said, there was something about Dallas that simply felt right. I can’t really explain it...

Anyway, I am going to keep riding this roller coaster until the end...and then probably get back on because life is a roller can’t quit, but it's important to enjoy the ride. Gotta believe...things happen for a reason. Always evolving... #believeincharlie.

Thankful and grateful,

Charlie Villanueva #3

Preseason Form

So we had our first preseason game this past Tuesday at home and I honestly could say, I was crazy hyped. We have great fans in Dallas and it has been a long time since I have been this excited about basketball.

That being said, it was a foul fest. I think a lot of players were still in preseason form and still trying to shake the rust off. I shot the ball pretty decent but still felt like I didn’t play as well as I should. And even though it's preseason, I still wanted that win. I gotta do a better job of being in the right position defensively and on the rebounds. A couple of mishaps on my end. Just need to play smarter.

Overall, and realizing the Big German (Dirk) didn’t play, this team has really good chemistry. We still need to I said we have a lot of new players, but this is a good clique, we ALL get along so well, great vibe. That is what the preseason is all about...getting used to each other, shaking the rust off, and getting better. I know by the time the regular season kicks-off, we will be a much better team.

In the meantime, I am giving away preseason tickets so follow me on Twitter @CVBelieve and if you can answer some of my random trivia and I'll give you my tix! One last thing, I truly appreciate everyone's support and best wishes. The future is exciting. Mavs Nation!

Thank you,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

Solo Mission

Villanueva Bros. at 2005 NBA Draft (New York, NY)

So since I have been in Dallas the majority of my dinners have been by myself. I never really did that's my new thing. Being an NBA player I am constantly around people/fans/teammates/coaches/players...I am almost never alone. That plus I come from a typical big, very close knit Dominican family...I am never alone. I always have had my brothers/family around. I've been living with or have always stayed close by to my brothers since the day I got drafted (picture above with my older brothers at the NBA Draft). Things are now different, we're all apart.

BUT this alone time has given me a lot of time to think. It gives me an opportunity to truly be introspective about my life, about this thing I call “Crossroads”, about where my life and career is going. I guess you can’t truly know who you are, what you are thinking until you spend time by yourself really going through it...

So today’s dolo day was spent watching the NFL and the MLB playoffs. The Detroit-Baltimore game was unreal. Those pitchers really came to play. And I told my boy, I told him, that Nelson Cruz is crazy scary. David Price really threw one bad pitch the whole game and that dude (Cruz) CRUSHED it. What a game...

Bob's Steak & Chop House (Dallas, TX)

Even though I was cheering for Detroit, congrats to the Orioles and Royals for moving on. And congrats to the Cowboys! How ‘bout them boys! LOL.

Really enjoying these playoffs, the start of the NFL but let’s be real...I am READY for MY season to start. CAN”T WAIT! Now that I'm a little more settle in, I'll keep my blog a lot more active.

Stay connected,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

My Saga Continues

Hotel View of Downtown Dallas

So…I am in Dallas, got in late last night. If you follow free agency (and sorry we haven’t posted in awhile but a lot of unanswered questions) you know there are reports about me agreeing with the Mavs. We are still working out the details…wish I could tell you more. So stay tuned as my saga continues…

In the meantime, and this comes from my heart. Below is a picture of a t-shirt that my team designed to support the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center...check it out...


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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill

It would mean a lot to purchase a tee as all proceeds go to raise funds for anti-bullying. Why I support this wholeheartedly is because at the age of 10. I was diagnosed with Alopecia. And I remember having to deal with being “different”. I needed my brothers and older friends and basketball…

I hate bullies. I hate the idea of a kid being bullied. A big reason I worked so hard at basketball (and some people simply think that because I am tall it was given to me) is because I wanted to avoid the bullies. Who can bully the basketball star? It was after school programs/basketball that truly helped me deal with Alopecia. So support this program through buying a tee. It is for a good cause.

And keep in touch, keep in tuned with my progression.

Keep yourself,

Charlie Villanueva #believeincharlie

The FINAL "Crossroads" Webisode Week #8: Now We're Here [ VIDEO ]

 Took long enough, but the FINAL Webisode #8 is FINALLY here. I'll keep it short....

Not exactly where I wanted my situation to be at the moment, but the journey continues. Still blessed, thankful, and optimistic. This birthday year was truly special indeed, one I'll never forget. Thanks to all you guys for the continuing support.

Charlie Villanueva
#believeincharlie #creoencharlie